Tactically Targeting Enterprise Cyber Risk: Prioritizing What Matters

Posted By: Admin On July 24, 2019


Chicago, Illinois

Despite over $120bn a year in spending, today’s world of cybersecurity is running up against substantial limits in the ability to make progress in the battle against risk. Now, companies are embracing a more advanced way of managing these critical and costly risks. Even though technology solutions companies are expending a massive amount of effort, progress has been minimal without a way to quantify cyber risk. Fortunately, solutions are now available to avoid incurring these costs. Rising costs and ongoing surprises increasingly limit companies. With thousands of alerts, chronic unsolved vulnerabilities, long recruiting cycles, and significant gaps in management understanding, companies are slowly losing against this costliest source of risk in business today. How do we break this cycle? Are there things we can do differently to change this picture? What can be done to deliver better results to shareholders, customers, and other stakeholders?

Across the globe, cybersecurity professionals find themselves stuck on a treadmill of alerts masked by false alarms, reactive band-aid solutions to be implemented to plug gaps in protections, and recurring reporting requests from auditors, management and regulators. Amidst all of this, precious little attention span is left available to truly stand back and guide overall efforts (and budget) to the places that will fundamentally reduce the real risks to the enterprise - let alone the most substantial costs associated by those risks. In a 2018 EY survey, 72% of companies reported having inadequate ability to measure their cyber risks. Is it any wonder that most enterprises today are losing, not gaining ground, against these ever-expanding cybersecurity risks?

Now, many companies are becoming fed up and doing something tangible to gain a real advantage against cyber risks. By redirecting resources to focus on the origins of the most costly risks, they are finding that analysis, quantitative insight, and cost-driven prioritization are allowing them to get at the problem in a fundamentally different way. By using insurance-grade mathematical algorithms that expose the relationships between threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in financial terms, they are finding new ways to guide the path forward to recover the carrying costs of cyber risk.

Do you have cyber risk? Do you know how much, and where the concentration of effects and costs are? It’s time to find out, and begin directing resources to produce real value in reducing the cost of risk. Quantify your risks and prioritize the best solutions with your Thrivaca™ Enterprise Risk Profile today. This powerful SaaS technology problem is your ultimate guide towards winning the cyberwar! Find out more and register for your profile at https://www.arxnimbus.com


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