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Cyber Insurance Underwriting

Actuarial Cyber Risk Evaluation

The cybersecurity insurance landscape is rapidly evolving. Market dominance will be determined within the next few years, and many of the leaders have yet to emerge. Now, underwriters can become an industry frontrunner by minimizing loss exposure, accurately assessing quoted risks, and streamlining operational workflows for peak efficiency. Simultaneously analyze aggregate risk, probable maximum loss, and portfolio-level implications.

Insurers frequently express frustrations with the limitations of the two prevalent risk rating platforms currently available. Deficiencies include insufficient data, overgeneralized results, inappropriate linear modeling techniques, lack of comprehensive historical loss data, and more.


The next-generation alternative has arrived. Leveraging patented technology originating from the U.S. Strategic Command, the Arx Nimbus report illuminates the sources and impacts of risk – drilling down to the level of individual controls, vulnerabilities, threats, and risk types. By continuously monitoring thousands of companies over the long term and analyzing actual losses against top-correlated factors and indicators, the model's accuracy is perpetually refined.

Seize the advantage now in this rapidly transforming market where every innovative edge is critical. We stand ready to assist your organization in advancing to the forefront of cybersecurity insurance.


Thrivaca™ Risk Technology


In use across both Insurers and Enterprise since 2017
Patented Core Algorithm
Sponsored by US Strategic Command
Adherence to NIST and ISO Standards
Designed by top Economists and Actuaries
Underwriting Cyber Policies across over 20% of the Fortune 500
AI enabled and AI back tested
NIST Approved
The Premier Actuarial Cyber Risk Quantification (ACRQ) solution
Real-time Benchmarking
Results from 23 Audited Data Sources and Thousands of Real-World Losses
Analyzing Risk across thousands of Organizations in over 400 industries
Exclusive Source for Financially Quantified Risk Profiles