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Arx Nimbus: The Cloud Risk Standard

Data-Driven Risk Management for the Cloud

Every cloud migration and cloud strategy faces the same key issue: How to manage cyber risk before, during and after – and how to drive digital risk efforts and priorities accordingly. Now, the dynamic nature of risks in every cloud arrangement – hybrid, public, etc. – can be profiled throughout the process of implementing a complete cloud strategy.

Based on a patented data analytics platform developed in collaboration with the US Air Force, Arx Nimbus’ Thrivaca platform brings a comprehensive, quantitative and data-driven risk profile across all known risk types. Using regulator-mandated frameworks, your Thrivaca Risk Profile consolidates the most comprehensive set of advanced data sources and a patented algorithm to provide the most insightful, data-driven results available today.

Arx Nimbus: Solving the Data Gap in Cyber Insurance

Data-Driven Risk Management for the Cyber Insurance Industry

Using proven actuarial methods applied traditionally in P&C, Auto, Life and other products, driven over a 360-degree set of data sources and applied via a patented economist-architected algorithm, Thrivaca brings the industry the first multi-factor, data-driven valuation of digital risk. Traceability throughout allows discovery and audit of how and why the cybersecurity program was constructed – all in reference to risk-driven valuation.

The Thrivaca delivery cycle provides a comprehensive baseline risk profile in four days or less. Additional analyses are delivered from what-if scenarios, and financial valuation is provided on specific cybersecurity solutions.

Arx Nimbus: Complete Risk-Value Dynamics – Before, During and After

Data-Driven Risk Management for Mergers & Acquisitions

Many of today’s M&A transactions find themselves unaware of the key financial risk effects of the massive shifts in cybersecurity and information security risks that most mergers encounter in the real world. Getting results consistent with shareholder expectations means understanding and managing these many complexities.

Thrivaca captures the relevant data using a multi-source automated process that assembles a regulator-approved and audit-friendly composite financial analysis in rapid order.

Take Your Risk Journey to the Next Level

Arx Nimbus Professional Services

How can you get to a sufficiently complete and detailed picture of digital risk that is both fact-based and actionable?

When it’s time for a serious, total digital risk management program, Arx Nimbus professional services is the answer. We work with your existing solutions, your team and stakeholders, and your trusted advisors to accomplish fundamental and sustainable advances in risk management approaches and outcomes.

Regulator-Supported Prioritization Now

Data-Driven Risk Management for the Enterprise

Across your organization, risks grow and multiply. How to prioritize projects, budgets and solutions is not a trivial question. But how do you assure the right choices? Right now, resources are allocated based on professional opinion and expert judgement. Among all the tasks associated with managing digital risk, pulling together holistic risks across the organization may the most central to success.

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What Others Are Saying

"The method you use in Arx Nimbus for quantifying the effects across the NIST 800-53 categories is actually quite savvy"

"You bring us a far better understanding of our risks than we've had until now. This is exactly what we've needed"

"Arx Nimbus provides us key insights to the quantitative cyber risk results we might expect from certain solutions - this is a very useful effort"

”Arx Nimbus brings us the way to chart the course forward for priorities and solutions that really get at risk"

”Arx Nimbus provides us the perspective on the effects of risk that we can share with our senior management. We can now have risk guide our priorities"