THRIVACA Advanced Risk Analytics

Threats + Risks + Vulnerabilities + Capabilities = THRIVACA


With one hour of your time, we measure your risk and provide a traceable articulation of your monetized risk exposure


The Arx Nimbus THRIVACA SaaS platform moves past common cybersecurity red, yellow, and green "risk levels" to provide quantitative risk valuations in financial terms by risk and risk category. The results are aligned to regulatory frameworks to align with compliance programs and related reporting.


A simple data collection session is followed with additional research and data from external and internal scans. Probability mathematics are used to digest this information and provide custom risk valuations in financial terms. Risk valuation information is provided in interactive reporting that may be sorted, filtered and manipulated to support various forms of analysis.


Processing CVE information provided by the customer also yields a time sensitive report of prioritized CVE exposures based on current and historic dark web research and analysis.




Historically, the focus of enterprise cybersecurity was largely on building an array of specific protections against a growing set of unknown threats. Funding was often applied with thin expectations of measurable results. Without the ability to measure risk, establishing  an effective and efficient security program was unattainable. The effective management of most business processes are supported by integral measurements and reviews to justify and prioritize initiatives and evaluate results.


Arx Nimbus' THRIVACA analytical platform provides the first detailed and quantitatively reliable measure of cybersecurity initiatives to drive budget prioritization, based on financial costs and results.


With sophisticated threat analytics and an actuarially-oriented algorithm at its core, THRIVACA provides quantitative visibility of the threats you face as they evolve. We apply real-threat analysis through a mathematical model across actual vulnerabilities and risks for deep and rigorous context. This forms a basis for critical cybersecurity decisions and strategies.


The Arx Nimbus THRIVACA analytical platform ties together the results and deliverables of your plan into a set of operational requirements and options that allow the leadership to weigh vital choices in terms of impact - on compliance enhancement, strategy enablement and risk reduction.


Thrivaca brings an unbiased, scientific risk profile that is not dependent on "expert opinion", or the "professional judgment" of individuals. Based on Thrivaca's cybersecurity risk metrics, it is now possible to truly delineate the implications of various options in monetary terms and optimize defensive actions across people, processes and technology.


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