Take Your Risk Journey to the Next Level

Arx Nimbus Professional Services


A recent EY survey showed that 72% of organizations are unaware of their own cybersecurity risks. How can you get to a sufficiently complete and detailed picture of digital risk that is both fact-based and actionable?

When it’s time for a serious, total digital risk management program, Arx Nimbus professional services is the answer. Starting with your goals, we bring the leading data-driven risk analytics of Thrivaca, and wrap your tailored results into a comprehensive project that transforms the enterprise:

  • Collaborative definition of realistically attainable goals for measurable risk reduction
  • Analysis of available cost recovery based on successive plan initiatives
  • Application of data-driven digital risk management (D3RM) using the patented Thrivaca quantitative platform
  • Identification and incorporation of customer-specific data sources including internal scans, audit results, endpoint, threat, vulnerability anduser analytics
  • Team certification in Project Management (PMP), Cybersecurity (CISSP) and Change Management (Prosci/ADKAR)
  • Socialization of results with key stakeholders including Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Finance, Information Technology and Cybersecurity
  • Deep project experience fromorganizations up to $200bn and 150,000 employees
  • Highly professional team resources with Big-4 global consulting and C-level executive experience in public and private companies

Show Me What I Can Gain

We work with your existing solutions, your team and stakeholders, and your trusted advisors to accomplish fundamental and sustainable advances in risk management approaches and outcomes. All results are measurable in financial terms on an ongoing basis, starting with an initial baseline Risk Profile and finishing with implementation of the ongoing data-driven risk management program.

Thrivaca. What’s guiding your digital risk program?

Understand the Results


White Paper

Threat persist and expand. Business advances and more risks emerge quickly. How can you get ahead of risk? Change the game now. Get real, data-driven risk in place to advance and leverage your efforts now, and take the battle to where the risk originates.


Case Study

Today’s enterprise requires fundamental advances in recovering the cost of risk. Get the data. Get the analysis. Identify unfunded liabilities and recover the costs now – while attacking risks at their origins.