Arx Nimbus: Solving the Data Gap in Cyber Insurance

Data-Driven Risk Management for the Cyber Insurance industry


Using a patented data analytics platform, Arx Nimbus’ Thrivaca™ data architecture aggregates the most informative and meaningful of internal and external data sources to provide a balanced composite of data sources.

Similar to proven methods applied traditionally in P&C, Auto, Life and other products, Thrivaca brings the industry the first multi-factor, data-driven valuation of digital risk.

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With a regulator-mandated and fully audit-traceable set of risk-factor relationships, Thrivaca provides superior litigation readiness. Traceability throughout allows discovery and audit of how and why the cybersecurity program was constructed – all in reference to risk-driven valuation.



For the underwriter, the Thrivaca delivery cycle provides a comprehensive baseline risk profile in four days or less, based on automated scans and minimal direct data collection. For the broker, additional analyses can be driven from what-if scenarios as well as valuation of specific cybersecurity solutions.

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Threat persist and expand. Business advances and more risks emerge quickly. How can you get ahead of risk? Change the game now. Get real, data-driven risk in place to advance and leverage your efforts now, and take the battle to where the risk originates.


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Today’s enterprise requires fundamental advances in recovering the cost of risk. Get the data. Get the analysis. Identify unfunded liabilities and recover the costs now – while attacking risks at their origins.