THRICOTM Third Party Management Scoring

You're making strides on all fronts of cybersecurity to better detect, protect, defend, and respond to the many dynamic threats in today's security landscape. And yet increasing risk exposure is emerging from an external source: trading partners and third-party vendors. These providers of products and services come to us with a wide and often un-validated set of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Often, these vendors are less regulated, and many have underinvested in cyber risk reduction capabilities. Since these third parties now are very likely to be tied directly to the enterprise's own systems, their cybersecurity weaknesses can directly reduce the cybersecurity capabilities of the core enterprise - their customer. It is often an ongoing struggle to get ahead of these exceptions and find a way to identify and reduce this considerable source of cyber risk.


Based on our experience across several industries, we bring a systematic, process-driven approach to accurately sensing, measuring and analyzing these vital risks. Powered by our ThrivacaTM SaaS platform, we gather and analyze each third-party's exceptions against each of the relevant regulatory frameworks, then define scoring against these accepted standards using our proprietary risk algorithm. Going beyond conventional external internet scans, we assemble a multi-dimensional profile of cyber risk drivers, and apply recognized audit standards to drive to a sophisticated probability model. Finally we use Thrivaca's outputs to quantitatively verify and document the results in regulators' terms, to properly prepare the results for any evaluation now or in the future, no matter how detailed. Because Thrivaca-driven results are based on actuarially-oriented risk models, regulator-mandated standards and recognized audit controls, Thrico scores are not a function of the "professional judgement" or "expert opinion" of individuals.


Contact us today to discuss the real-world results available to bring aggressive Third-Party ("TPM") risk scoring to your all-important cybersecurity efforts, and enable the enterprise to move forward with velocity.


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