Reduce Risk


In the Twenties it’s increasingly difficult to protect a company’s digital assets because both the business environment and the technology landscape are fundamentally changing, putting even the most sophisticated organizations at a disadvantage. Many businesses lack an understanding of the relationships between the sources and drivers of risk, and how specific actions have vastly differing potentials for reducing risks. Likewise, the common practice of relying on an annual or periodic evaluation of these risks is simply no longer sufficient in an era where threats are morphing and expanding every week.

The Thrivaca Risk Profile provides identification of the sources and impacts of specific risks, traced all the way back to their contributing threats and associated vulnerabilities. By using this visibility, the highest-impact risks can be identified and targeted as closely as possible to their origins, resulting in measurable risk reduction on an agile, high-frequency timing. This ongoing risk reduction cycle allows adaptive risk reduction with frequent re-targeting and calibration to accommodate the dynamic risk environment of today.