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Thrivaca for M&A

Today’s M&A transactions contain many levels of complexity. Getting results consistent with shareholder expectations means understanding and managing these many complexities. Among the most challenging variables is the digital risk dimension triggered by every merger and divestiture:

• What is the state of risk in the merger target company? How will that affect the newly merged entity?
• How do we assure that the going-forward cyber risk status will be as sound, if not better, than before the transaction? What will that cost?
• In what ways might the merger impact my compliance status with regulators, and where do I need to concentrate my efforts to get ahead of that?
• Where do we go to get a fact-based understanding of the risk management costs before the Purchase and Sale Agreement is finalized?
• How do we forecast these costs in a supportable and auditable fashion?
• When can we get this analysis? Can it be completed quickly enough to support the deal team’s negotiation, and be included in the integration budget under acquisition accounting?

When the parameters of Controls, Vulnerabilities, Remediations, Threats and Risks can be properly and adequately profiled, seeing the status of these key variables before, during and after the merger is invaluable. Thrivaca rapidly captures the data using a multi-source automated process that assembles a regulator-approved and audit-friendly composite financial analysis in rapid order.

Support risk-relevant deal strategy. Organize IT efforts and budgetary impacts early. Gain data-driven reality as a basis for the details of the integration. Understand the origins of risks and their financial impact. Re-tune insurance programs to reflect real-world exposures.

Thrivaca. What’s guiding your M&A Digital Risk effort?

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