Why Thrivaca?

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Thrivaca was developed out of an original challenge faced by many organizations, who found themselves asking questions like:

  • Should we acquire certain specific cybersecurity solutions to protect ourselves?
  • How do we go about rationally prioritizing our cybersecurity protective efforts?
  • How much cybersecurity insurance coverage should we be buying?
  • Are we where we need to be in terms of cybersecurity risk?
  • What level of cybersecurity risk reduction are we now getting for what we’re spending?
  • How do we show regulators that we’re doing the right things to address cybersecurity?
  • What are others in our industry and elsewhere doing about cyber risk, and what seems to be working that we might learn from?
  • How do the board and senior management gain meaningful insights into key choices and efforts to help reduce cybersecurity risk?
  • If we had a major cyber attack, what would it likely cost us?

And the questions go on. One of many enlightening dynamics we’ve seen has come through discussion with at least a dozen of the Fortune 100 in the past year or so. These are among the most sophisticated and well-run enterprises, and yet we’ve found that they struggle with most of the questions above. More fundamentally, nearly all find it difficult to determine how much risk they may stand to eliminate, how much they’re prepared to spend to accomplish that, and how long they’re willing to take to get there.

To put this in context, a basic wholesaler who depends on warehouses for shipping goods realizes that their facilities have risk. Working with insurance providers and engineers, they can readily determine how to improve fire protection, structural integrity and security systems for their facilities. Remaining risk is covered by a competitively-priced insurance program.

Thrivaca technology advances the understanding, financial quantification and options surrounding cybersecurity to a business function, manageable through conventional means much like the warehouse example. As the only comprehensive cybersecurity risk management platform, Thrivaca technology allows management the informational fact set to make financially-informed decisions that support major advances in the eradication of risk. Get beyond the limits of legacy risk methods and get serious, NIST-approved and insurance-grade risk management technology now. The losses are too great, the attackers to persistent and sophisticated, to go without serious commercial-grade risk management any longer.

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Threat persist and expand. Business advances and more risks emerge quickly. How can you get ahead of risk? Change the game now. Get real, data-driven risk in place to advance and leverage your efforts now, and take the battle to where the risk originates.



Today’s enterprise requires fundamental advances in recovering the cost of risk. Get the data. Get the analysis. Identify unfunded liabilities and recover the costs now – while attacking risks at their origins.