Arx Nimbus: The Cloud Risk Standard

Data-Driven Risk Management for the Cloud


In the 20s, most organizations are well underway in their journey to the cloud. While this process often takes shape over several years, the benefits are immense in cost, flexibility and resilience. So with all of that in mind, how do I support a comprehensive and effective cloud migration program?

The answer is in understanding the “before-during-after” risk dynamics – and tuning the cybersecurity program accordingly. Based on a patented data analytics platform developed in collaboration with the US Air Force, Arx Nimbus’ Thrivaca platform brings a comprehensive, quantitative and data-driven risk profile across all known risk types.

Using regulator-mandated frameworks, your Thrivaca Risk Profile consolidates the most comprehensive set of advanced data sources and a patented algorithm to provide the most insightful, data-driven results available today. Compliant with current CSA standards, Thrivaca allows you to:

  • Measure pre-migration and post-migration risks in financial terms
  • Identify the sources of the most impactful digital risks, allowing cloud initiatives to be mapped in detail to provide the optimal security and operational outcomes
  • Determine the most valuable areas to address during the cloud migration – radically reducing risk exposure during the migration and implementation process
  • Profile the to-be risk profile of singular cloud applications and providers, as well as the overall portfolio risk effects of cloud, terrestrial, hybrid and other constructs
  • Complete traceability and auditability throughout, preserving and enhancing compliance-acceptance in the emerging cloud architecture
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Gain the total success that cloud migrations bring – financial gains, flexibility gains, AND security gains – all in a measurable, data-driven model embraced by auditors and regulators.

Thrivaca. How will you guide the security of your cloud migration program?

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Threat persist and expand. Business advances and more risks emerge quickly. How can you get ahead of risk? Change the game now. Get real, data-driven risk in place to advance and leverage your efforts now, and take the battle to where the risk originates.



Today’s enterprise requires fundamental advances in recovering the cost of risk. Get the data. Get the analysis. Identify unfunded liabilities and recover the costs now – while attacking risks at their origins.